African Art

African Art

Extremely rare and old Dan - Toura Mask.

Cote d'Ivoire - Ivory Coast Circa 1920/1930

In Africa, villages were under authority of a chief and a council of elders, and this kind of mask called Nyoma Wum was only worn by the chief or the authority holder.

Belonged to the Dan group, Toura was a small ethnic tribe living in the mountains of Guinea in the NW of Ivory coast (Cote d'Ivoire). The red fabric is a piece of Senegalese Tirailleur pants.

This kind of mask is definitely hard to find and is seen predominantly in museums as in Dakar, Senegal or Naprstek, Prague.

Provenance:  Soubies Collection, France.

Price : On Hold

Materials / Techniques: Wood, Aluminum, Fabric, Hair

Condition: Original Condition. Beautiful Patina, some damages on the fabric and some marks on the aluminum, rusty nails.

Measurements: H.19" x W.7"1/4 x D.3"1/4 with the beard
H. 9" x W.7"1/4 x D.3"1/4 without the beard

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