NOLL Alexandre


NOLL Alexandre

ALEXANDRE NOLL (1890 - 1970)

Authentic and extremely rare sycamore futurist box
Features the carved signature A.NOLL
France 1950

This sculpture came from Odile Noll, Alexandre Noll’s daughter. After Alexandre Noll died in 1970,
Odile Noll was the only expert who was able to authenticate her father works. Odile Noll sold this piece in the 1980's to a collector who contributed to the book "Noll Galerie 1950 Alan" by Johannot, Paris 1988.
The collector's name is listed in this book consecrated to Noll’s works.
This sculpture came directly from this collector.
Comes with the original Certificate of Authentication by
Odile Noll.

Price : Sold

Materials / Techniques: Solid Sycamore

Condition: Perfect and original condition

Measurements: H: 2" x W: 8 3/4” x D: 4 1/2"

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