Francois ARCHIGUILLE (1932-2017)

One-of-a-kind wooden round gueridon table painted by the artist.

Certificate of authenticity from the artist.

Provenance: Special order for the King Club in Paris, one of the most popular night club in Paris in the 1970's-1990's, owned by Albert Minski.

We could see as guests, Serge Gainsbourg, Jean Paul Belmondo, Johnny Hallyday, Catherine Deneuve...

Francois ARCHIGUILLE decorated the whole interior of the King club.

The last picture, taken during the 25th anniversary of the King club grand opening, is showing (left to right) the actor Darry Cowl, Albert Minski, the actor Jean Paul Belmondo, the singer Johnny Hallyday.
Provenance: Albert Minski, King club's owner.

The textured surfaces display a unique and ever- changing combination of hues depending on the light and space the piece is placed in.

Francois ARCHIGUILLE was born May 17, 1932 in Alès, France. During 1946-48 he attended the Arts and Crafts Educational Centre in Saint Jodard, Loire. In 1952 he arrived in Paris and worked at the Stamp Atelier. In 1957 he had his first sales with Lyrical abstraction work (a synthesis of cubism and fauvism). In 1958 he attended a course by Professor Lemagny, (Prize of Rome for painting) at the Fine Arts Academy.

In the year 1958-1967 Archiguille founded The School of Transfiguration in Chicago, named after the transfigurative movement he started in the mid-1960s.

“Archiguille belongs to the celebrated creators of the 1950s who in that troubled time showed their bright expressive works characterized by new composition and plastic innovations. The use of "transfigurations" made it possible for Archiguille to find his place in fine arts."

His works can be found in the collections of such individuals as François Mitterrand, Mme Claude Pompidou, Jacqueline Kennedy, Coco Chanel, Ari Onassis, Barbara Bush, the Emperor of Japan, Sophia Loren, Robert De Niro, Spain's king Juan Carlos, David Rockefeller and Barbra Streisand.

His paintings grace some of the most prestigious museums and galleries of contemporary art in the world: Paris, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Tokyo as well as the Bernheim Jeune-Gallery in Paris, Princeton University, Club 13 and the Parisian Tuileries.

Price : Upon Request

Materials / Techniques: Wood and paint

Condition: Original condition, some marks. Some scratches on the glass top (can be replaced)

Measurements: H.22"1/4 x 16"3/4

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