The Eyes Reflect the Soul

Annick Biaudet is without doubt, one of the best to depict it…

Morateur Gallery is proud to exclusively represent this talented Artist
throughout her wildlife adventures…

Oil and Acrylic on canvas depicting an Snow Panther, titled " Waiting " signed bottom left.

USA, 2023

Provenance: Acquired from the Artist

Annick Biaudet, probably the most talented artist able to depict the human expression of the animal field...

Annick BIAUDET - Girafes, A Mother's love

Annick Biaudet is a French artist who lived for many years in Paris. In the past she has worked in many different artistic fields from advertising, children’s theater, T.V. series and feature animation. Now she has turned her attention to creating her own work. Drawing on her love of animals, she explores the many moods of these magnificent creatures. She now lives in Los Angeles where she devotes her time between family, friends and her painting.

Collections in USA, France, UK, Japan and China include Annick's artworks.


Exhibiting at The Gallery 20, Pasadena, CA, USA, 2023

Exhibiting at MORATEUR Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA:

Painter of Interpretive DISNEY Art for ARTLAND, UK
2017 — present
- “The Secret Art Show”- Burbank, California
- Fine Art Gallery Acme Archives - China: Shanghai Disneyland Park

- “The Secret Art Show”- Burbank, California
- “PinCon World” - Orlando, Florida
- Fine Art Gallery Acme Archives - China: Shanghai Disneyland Park

- “Comic Con” - Salt Lake City, Utah
- “The Secret Art Show” - Burbank, California,
- “D23” - Anaheim, California

- "The Secret Art Show" - Burbank, California,
- Downtown Disney - Epcot/ Disney World, Florida

- “Festival of the Masters” - Epcot/Disney World, Florida
- “Food & Wines”- Epcot/ Disney World, Florida
- “D23” - Anaheim, California
- Tokyo & Osaka
- “Flower & Garden” - Epcot /Disney World, Florida

- “Food & Wines”- Epcot /Disney World, Florida

Price :

Materials / Techniques: Acrylic on canvas

Condition: Perfect Condition

Measurements: Measurements:
H.36" x W.36" without frame
Not framed yet

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