BLASSET Jean & GUGGIARI André: Worked for CHANAUX & Jean Michel FRANK

France, Circa 1950's.

Very unique coffee table in gilt iron and glass. The interior frame of the table, under the top, the rings and the bases of the legs have been posteriorly painted in black.

We can definitely reverse it to the original condition, on demand.

Literature: Mobilier N.8 November 1957 in an article titled " Promenade autour d'un appartement".

According to the writer, René Chavance, who was probably the most popular Art editorialist in France at this moment, all the pieces of furniture displayed in the apartment illustrated in this magazine, have been designed by Blasset & Guggiari in a edition of one, meaning that all the pieces are one-of-a-kind.

According to the international auction's records, no other table in all Iron, has been seen on market, that leads us to believe that our table is probably the one displayed in this apartment.

Blasset & Guggiari were the directors of the famous Art workshop of " LA SAMARITAINE " in Paris, and worked for CHANAUX Cie, which was the main partner of Jean-Michel FRANK in the most part of his creations.

Price : Upon Request

Materials / Techniques: Gilt Iron and Starfire glass

Condition: Some marks on the gilding and on the paint. Glass in perfect condition, no chip, no dent, minor marks.

Measurements: 22".H x 55"1/4.W x 23"3/4.D
Glass top 3/4" thick

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