Ivan DA SILVA BRUHNS (1881-1980)

For André ARBUS (1903-1969)

A hand-knotted wool carpet embedded with off-white leaves and seashells. The colors include a blend of off-white with a fusion of orange and red.

France Circa 1938

Andre Arbus, a well-known interior decorator during that period, included this hand knotted-wool rug by Ivan Da Silva Bruhns for his client Mme. Peterson in 1938, whose apartment was located within an affluent Parisian district of Avenue Foch. M. Arbus decorated Mme. Peterson’s apartment with furniture primarily made with red mahogany and lacquered in Gold leaf.

All the walls were painted in an off-white/ivory, and the chairs were done in his signature style of red mahogany and upholstered in an ivory lambskin and velvet. The rugs, designed by Ivan Da Silva Bruhns, were made with a red/orange and off-white wool to match the design of the dining-room and living-room.

M. Andre Arbus, an Architect and an Interior Decorator, who specialized in the coordination of colors for his projects, often blended gold, dark red, and orange typical of the fall season and the color of dead leaves.

The chairs in the living-room were upholstered in an orange-red fabric with off-white fringes and the Da Silva Bruhns's rug was made using those same primary colors. On the wall of the dining-room, Mr. Arbus installed a large mirror by Max Ingrand, aligned with the colors of an orange-red and gold.


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The last picture is showing a watercolor coming from Ivan Da Silva Bruhns residence in Antibes, France, sold on auction in Paris in 1999 as the project of our rug drawn by the artist.

Price : Sold

Materials / Techniques: Hand-knotted wool.

Condition: Excellent original condition, some minor damages on the edge.

Measurements: 110"(9FT2) x 150"(12FT6)

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