RUHLMANN Emile-Jacques


RUHLMANN Emile-Jacques

Emile Jacques Ruhlmann (1879-1933)

We are proud to showcase an exceptional and unique set of six tall glass panels originating from the Drouant Restaurant in Paris, designed by Ruhlmann in 1924. These panels were prominently displayed on the walls of the restaurant and were featured in black and white photographs in the November 1925 issue of 'L'Art Vivant.'

In addition to this remarkable 14-foot set of panels, we have also acquired the last remaining glass panel adorned with a gold leaf bubble motif. These pieces have not been seen outside of the Drouant Restaurant until now.

Provenance: Restaurant Drouant, Place Gaillon, Paris, France.

Founded by Charles Drouant in 1880, the restaurant quickly became a gathering place for celebrated artists like Renoir, Pissarro, and Rodin, known for its exquisite cuisine. Over the years, it has remained one of France's most sophisticated dining venues.

The restaurant is currently the monthly meeting spot for the Academie du Prix Goncourt, which has awarded the prestigious 'Le Prix Goncourt' to the most influential writer of the year since 1903.

During its 1920s renovation, Ruhlmann, dubbed 'The Father of Art Deco,' was commissioned to design the entire interior, including an ornate staircase with a bronze and wrought iron railing, decorative sconces, the now-acquired engraved glass panels, and intricate mosaics.

Today, some elements like the staircase and parts of the glass panels continue to adorn the restaurant, protected by the French Government and not available for sale.

Price : Upon Request

Materials / Techniques: Gold leaf, Silver leaf, Glass & brass

Condition: Original condition, minor chips

Measurements: H.95" x W.170"

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