JEAN DUNAND (1877-1942)

Attributed to Jean DUNAND, France circa 1925-1930.

Lacquer and eggshell panel depicting a snake.

Back of panel shows a square stamp "Jean Dunand Laqueur".

This lacquer came from a European auction as an authentic work by Jean Dunand.
We track, research and acquire all the historical information and provenance of all the pieces we sell, however, we have not yet located the historic information on this panel.

Price : Sold

Materials / Techniques: Lacquer and eggshell on wood panel

Condition: Excellent condition, some minor marks on the lacquer. On the back some of the black paint is missing.

Measurements: H.30"3/4 x W.28"7/8 with the frame
H.22"3/8 x W.20"1/2 only the panel

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