FRANK Jean-Michel


FRANK Jean-Michel

Jean Michel Frank Desk

Jean Michel FRANK ( 1895-1941 )

Extremely rare oak desk in oak and parchment, patinated bronze, stamped 'J.M.FRANK' to the underside.
France, Circa 1925

This Jean Michel Frank Desk has been made in France and NOT by Comte in Argentina. The pieces made in France by Jean Michel Frank are of course more valuable than the ones made in Argentina.

Together with the original of the certificate of authenticity from the Jean-Michel Frank committee.

Provenance, Private collection France

Jean-Michel Frank (28 February 1895 – 8 March 1941) was a French interior designer known for minimalist interiors decorated with plain-lined but sumptuous furniture made of luxury materials, such as shagreen, mica, and intricate straw marquetry. He had an eye for exotic patterns, specifically in veneers, including snake and sharkskin. His work became widely known in the 1930s when select, higher classes demanded his furniture. He is known for being associated with the Art Deco movement.

Early life: Jean-Michel Frank was born in Paris, a son of Léon Frank, a banker, and his wife and cousin, the former Nanette Frank. He was a first cousin of Otto Frank, the cousin-in-law of Edith Frank and, therefore, a first cousin, once removed, of the diarist Anne Frank.

Frank was fluent in French, English and German. During school, he was bullied by his classmates for being Jewish; this was during the time in which the Dreyfus Affair divided France.

Price : Upon Request

Materials / Techniques: Oak and Parchment

Condition: Original condition, some marks and minor stains on the parchment

Measurements: H.30" x W.35"1/4 x D.23"1/4.

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