SABINO Marius-Ernest

SABINO Marius-Ernest

Marius-Ernest SABINO ( 1878 - 1961 )

Spectacular pair of oxidized bronze and glass table lamps. Probably one of the most beautiful high-end model by Sabino.

The glass waive has an amazing reflection with bubble inclusions. These beautiful marks are due to the reaction in the oven when the glass has been heated on the metal mold.

Each square glass plate has a frosted carved decor.

Lined paper lampshades redone, similar to the original shape.

Fully rewired for US, candelabra sockets.

France 1945 - Stamped on the base " Sabino Paris "


Mobilier et Décoration August-September-October 1945 for a model with 4 lamps.

Mobilier et Décoration N°4 October 1946 for a model with 3 lamps.

Mobilier et Décoration n°3 June 1947 for a model with 4 lamps.

Price : Sold

Materials / Techniques: Bronze, Brass, Glass

Condition: Original condition, some marks and different degrees of patina on the bronze, new lampshades, rewired for US.

Measurements: H.18”3/8 x W.13”3/4 x D.4”

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