Setsuro TAKAHASHI ( 1914 - 2007 ) - Japanese Lacquer, Japan 1970.

Extremely rare work by this Artist, usually his works are in museums and it is almost impossible to find one of his works for sale.

This Artist worked since 1930 and passed away on 2007.

During 77 years, we never seen one of his works on auction, almost all of his works are in museums, and even one museum in Japan wears his name, the Setsuro Museum in northern Azumino.

Signed SETSURO in the bottom left, wears a label on the back titled HANA (Flower(s)) Takahashi Setsuro.

This lacquer is protected by a glass and framed.

Provenance: France, This lacquer is coming from a very famous French-Swiss writer.

Born 1914 in what is now Azumino city in Nagano Prefecture, Takahashi Setsuro is a renowned Urushi (lacquerware) artist. He is a recipient of the Order of Culture and has been recognized by the Japanese government for his contributions to culture. He graduated in japanning from the Crafts Department of the Tokyo Fine Arts School (today Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, where he also completed a postgraduate program. He was a member of the Japan Art Academy and Professor Emeritus of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. He was also adviser to the Nitten Exhibition, full-time adviser to the Contemporary Arts and Crafts Association, and chairman of the Shinshu Art Association.

Urushi is a Japanese style of lacquerware whose origins are thought to date back as far as 4500 BC. Urushi techniques are used to make a wide range of fine and decorative arts that include paintings, sculptures and even practical objects, such as bowls and bento (lunch) boxes. Setsuro Takahashi was one of the most prominent urushi artists of the 20th century, and was notable for his intricate use of gold-leaf etchings and vivid colors set against stark lacquer backdrops.

Many of Setsuro’s original works are exhibited at the Setsuro Museum in northern Azumino. The museum features a large collection of the artist’s Urushi pieces from his long and distinguished career, as well as number of watercolours that realise the beautiful Azumino landscape in which the museum is set.

He Died on April 19, 2007 (92 years old).

Price : Sold

Materials / Techniques: Lacquer, wood

Condition: Excellent and Original condition, Some marks on the frame

Measurements: Lacquer: H.20"1/2 x W.17"1/4, Frame: H.31" x W.28" x D.2"3/4

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